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Cappello Family

Welcome to the Cupola Bianca Resort, where our story intertwines with the magic of Lampedusa.

We are the Cappello Family, pioneers in the island's tourism since the '70s, a legacy of hospitality and innovation.

In 1999, Giovanni Cappello transformed a dream into reality: from a modest Tunisian dwelling, he created the Cupola Bianca Resort. His unique artistic and craftsmanship skills have shaped every corner of the Resort, creating an environment where nature and hospitality blend sublimely. Gemma, his wife, has been his right hand in every step of this journey.

Today, the new generations, Nancy, Giada, and soon Alberto, with their various experiences and backgrounds, enrich the Resort with new ideas and visions, continuing to build the story of this unique place.

Discover tranquility and harmony in a place where time and nature come together to offer moments of pure relaxation and reconnection with yourself.

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