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The Cupola Bianca Resort in Lampedusa is a haven of peace, nestled in a lush Mediterranean garden crafted with architectural mastery.

Here, guests can experience a unique "island within the island," far from chaos but close to nature and the charm of Lampedusa.

The elegant rooms, each with its own independent entrance, are built in the traditional style of dammusi and immersed in the island's scents, offering an exclusive and authentic stay

An island within an island

Quiet and secluded, just a few steps away from the Isola dei Conigli and far from the hustle and bustle, the Cupola Bianca Resort is a veritable oasis of Mediterranean vegetation created through skilful architectural work.

We have greened a piece of the island, previously barren and deserted, to give our guests the chance to spend their stay on Lampedusa as if they were living on an island within an island, without losing any of the charm and atmosphere of this splendid pearl of the Mediterranean.

Cupola Bianca Resort 3
Exclusive ambiences

The pathways that run through the building are immersed in greenery and as you walk along them you can breathe in all the island's scents.

The rooms, with a small terrace and independent entrance, are clad externally in typical island stone and built in the style of the dammusi, the traditional island stone dwellings.

Carefully chosen furnishings complement the exclusive and elegant rooms.

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Cupola Bianca Resort 3
Cupola Bianca Resort 3
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